Adobe Photoshop


Suitable for all Photoshop users. You will learn the foundations of this tool, right up to mastery. If you are new to Photoshop or want to improve, this course will benefit you

2 days or 7 evenings


What does the course cover?

ADOBE Photoshop is the standard for creating and editing images. The course covers all aspects of the design process from the importing of images right through to final production for finished art work.


Why take this course?

You will gain a fast, practical, in-depth knowledge of this product and the design skills required to produce finished images for inclusion in publications or on web pages for the Internet


Who should attend?

New users of Photoshop requiring in-depth knowledge of the application and its uses. Experienced designers wanting a detailed understanding to unlock the power of this amazing tool.

Includes access to the online course

You also get access to the online course for you practice with after you’ve completed the classroom course.
Photoshop(2) - Intro Simple interface
Photoshop(2) - Demo Video lessons
Photoshop(2) - Download Downloadable files


When you complete this course, Flash, and Dreamweaver courses you will be awarded an internationally recognised accreditation certificate like this:

Course content

What will be covered throughout the course

  • PhotoShop Toolbox
  • Acquiring Images
  • Importing & exporting images
  • Scanning images
  • Digital cameras
  • Photo-CD images
  • Creating & touching up images
  • Drawing, painting and editing
  • Selecting objects in PhotoShop
  • Working with layers
  • Drawing and editing paths
  • Working with masks
  • Working with colour
  • Colour formats (Pantone etc.)
  • Colour correction tools
  • Working with palettes
  • Working with text
  • Text effects and Anti-aliasing
  • File formats
  • Vector images formats
  • Bitmap image formats Filters, plugins and special effects
  • Video special effects
  • Working with channels
  • 3D-Modelling effects
  • Text special effects Publishing
  • Working with DTP programs
  • Preparing for publishing
  • Sending files to a bureau
  • Designing for the Internet
  • Graphic file formats
  • Animations Automating
  • PhotoShop
  • Professional examples

Skills you’ll learn

What you’ll be able to do after the course

  • Import and manipulate images in different formats
  • Create 3D images using plugins
  • Work with colour for print production
  • Format to work with DTP applications
  • Work with layers for professional results

How you can apply these skills

What you’ll be able to use these skills for

  • To understand the form of a bitmap image, its colour depth, resolution and file formats.
  • Produce professional graphics for the web and DTP
  • Create adverts
  • Enhance photos
  • Design posters

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